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Professor Robert Goodwin III: Do Smarter Teachers Make Smarter Students?

Not necessarily true, but some factors indicate why & how smarter teachers are vital in making smarter students. Professor Emeritus Robert Goodwin III of New Westminster College of Caucasus University shares his insights.

Teaching is a natural talent, not a product of training, gifted to only smart people. Teachers are smart, but it is the need to have smarter teachers to teach well. A teacher that only sticks with the course outline can’t make smarter students.

Professor Robert Goodwin III explains teacher training focuses on the bigger theories and not on basic levels of teaching. A teacher should be skillful in his subject; only then can he provide quality education. A skillful teacher teaches an effective way of learning to his students.

Students are achieving high results not only because they work hard but smart as well. Those students who learn skills from their teachers prove themselves on different stages. They are not taught by the teachers who stick with a limited course. Their achievements tell the story about their teachers who taught them smartly.

Repeating To Students Sticks With Them

Teaching is a valuable profession that demands dedication; it earns you respect. Often, students need guides to achieve their goals smartly. From grades to grades, students who are taught by teachers develop a habit of learning from them. It is a good exercise to learn by asking questions; during a class, when the teacher repeats any concept, it is more understandable.

Some students only understand when the concept is repeated to them, and it sticks with them for their entire life.  Some features of smart teachers are explained below:

  • Importance Of Quality In Teaching

Teaching is a job that everyone thinks is for him, but only a few provide quality education. A smart teacher not only delivers the lecture but also explains the key points of learning. The quality of teaching influences a student’s success.

A teacher’s contribution matters a lot in the achievements of the students. The quality of teaching has a stronger impact on the achievements of the students. Experience matters a lot; that’s why an experienced teacher positively affects a student’s learning. Highly qualified teachers are better at providing quality education. Teachers who have earned advanced degrees are profound in getting better results against their subjects. Professor Robert Goodwin Noted.

  • Cognitive Skills Of A Teacher

The key to persistent learning is by strengthening a person’s cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the basic processing skill set of a person. People usually have a perception that cognitive & academic skills are the same, although they are very different.

Teachers with cognitive skills transform their skills into the students, achieving them better results. Understanding cognitive skills are crucial in the learning process. The cognitive skills of a person can be enhanced, improved, and strengthened regardless of age. Cognitive skills help in analyzing, retaining information, and creating mental pictures to understand the concepts.

  • Link B/W The Skills Of Teacher & Students

Students are different from each other, potentially and mentally. A skillful teacher knows how to transform cognitive skills to his students. Student’s achievements are related to the cognitive skills of their own and their teacher as well.

The bonding between a teacher & his students is important to examine the association between a teacher’s cognitive skills & individual student’s performance. Many students perform better in reading and mathematics if their teacher has stronger academics and cognitive skills.

The relationship between student achievements & teaching skills is strong when performances are achieving better results.

  • Smart Teachers Produce Smarter Students

Smart teachers are filled with cognitive skills, and they perform important roles in their student’s achievements. The achievements of students are a result of their hard work and smart work. Only those teachers can produce smart students who are taught by smarter teachers in their time. Some factors are discussed below regarding smart teaching results:

  • Comparison Between Institutions

The institutes which focus on getting smarter students do invest in smarter teachers. They know that to achieve better results for their institute, there are requirements for getting skillful teachers for their students.

Those institutes who prefer providing quality education to their students always have skillful staff and get smart students. On the other hand, those institutes which do not prefer quality do not get better results.

They do not hire teachers with cognitive skills, and as a result, their students do not achieve better results. It is clear with this comparison among institutes, those who hire smarter teachers to make smarter students.

  • Comparison Inside The Institute

The cognitive skills of teachers are related to the student’s performance. Unobserved differences among institutes drive this observation. Now we are exploiting within institutes variation to provide strong evidence on the effect of a teacher’s cognitive skills on a student’s performance.

One thing is very clear with these comparisons; the increment of teachers with smarter skills impacts students’ performance.  Another experiment regarding subjects is critical; teachers who are skillful in their subjects transmit their cognitive skills to the students to achieve higher results.

  • The Motivation Of The Students

A skillful and smart teacher knows the mental and potential features of his/her students. There is always a point at which someone gets hopeless; that’s where motivation plays its part. A smarter teacher always motivates his/her students by polishing their cognitive skills because, without it, a student can not perform well. A skillful teacher keeps in mind the motivational strategies to motivate his students. Motivation is very helpful in achieving better results in academics and reducing anxiety as well.

  • Connection With Students

A teacher’s connection with students is very crucial; it strengthens the relationship. The strong relation between teacher and student exchanges cognitive skills from a teacher towards the student in which interaction is the key to achieving higher results. Smart teachers bond with their students to make them smarter by enhancing their cognitive skills. This results in achieving better results for the students.

  • Learning From Books

Reading books is a healthy activity that has a positive effect on mental health. Learning from books is a very common and effective way to utilize your time. The author tries to convey the message at his best but through his words.

While learning from a teacher involves communication that’s conversational and full of expressions. A teacher can guide you far better than a book. It does not mean that book reading is not beneficial, but when you learn in an environment where you can ask questions, it is more productive.

  • Importance Of Guidelines

Either book reading or interacting with teachers, it depends on you how you learn. Some people are convenient in learning through book reading, where many seek guidelines. A smart teacher is well aware of how to guide his students smartly.

Students who don’t feel easy in learning from books know the importance of guidelines. These guidelines help in achieving better results for the students. In simple terms, smart teachers enhance their students’ skills by guiding them, making them smarter.

We hope that all the aspects of a smart teacher discussed in this article will help you know the importance of smarter teachers. So do let us know what do you think about this topic? Do you think smarter teachers make smarter students? Professor Robert Goodwin III states that there are multiple factors that determine the benefits of a great teacher. Factors that go beyond intelligence.

Delphia Debra is a freelance writer. She writes SEO articles for businesses of all sizes and has been published on prominent financial websites featuring executive interviews. Follow her @delphiadebra1

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